Open Data Policy

Policy Purpose & Scope

Provide an Open Data source that enables our Users to obtain all the requested data (freely with transparency), and ensure that the data available for sharing while preserving the right of use and publication for the UAE SA.

Encourage users to provide feedbacks and suggestions that would enable the open data department to function better.

The Open Digital Data policy applies to all digital data displayed on the Emirates Health Services (UAE SA) website.

Policy statement

Open Data can be used, reused, and republished by any individual, legal or governmental entity.

The content of the data shall not be altered or modified in any form.

Users shall refer to UAE SA as the data source with the name of the file and published date to maintain the UAE SA as the owner of the data and the credibility of its source.

The UAE SA is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that could arise from using or sharing UAE SA open data. The legal liability (both criminal and civil) rests upon the user of such data.

The data shall not be used against the values or traditions of the United Arab of Emirates, nor it shall be used for any political purposes or to support any legal or illegal activities that would have any negative impact on United Arab Emirates or the UAE SA in any way.

The UAE SA does not guarantee the continued provision of this data or any part of it. The UAE SA, also, does not assume any responsibilities towards the data users and the damages or losses that might affect the data due to its reuse.


The submitted data shall not be used for political purposes, to support illegal activity in an illegal and / or misleading manner, or to have a negative impact on the name, reputation, or position of the UAE SA.

The UAE SA shall be referred to as the data source along with the file name and publication date.

The user shall have the right to

Resubmit, copy, restate and share information.

Make use of the information for all purposes .

Allow the use of available data for statistical and benchmarking purposes.

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