UAE Space Agency And Thuraya Participate In The UAE-UK Pioneers Forum

13 May 2016

The UAE Space Agency and Thuraya participated in the UAE-UK Pioneers Forum held in London last week, with the aim of highlighting the promising opportunities offered by the UAE space sector.

The third edition of the forum, organized by the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the United Kingdom, witnessed the participation of a number of private and government entities from various sectors. The forum serves as a platform that brings together key state institutions and Emirati students in the United Kingdom and Europe to introduce career opportunities back in the UAE.

The forum which was held at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel, included speeches by several industry leaders, including Sheikha Al Maskari, Chief Innovation Officer at the UAE Space Agency and Mrs. Amal Ezzedine, Director of Government Management Services at Thuraya.

Sheikha Al Maskari said she aimed through her participation in the forum to encourage students to learn about space and astronomy sciences and to continue their education and practical experience in this field. She stressed the importance of the forum and other related events in highlighting promising and lucrative career opportunities in different areas of the space sector.

Sheikha said that, as part of the UAE Space Agency's plans to develop the space sector in the UAE, the Agency gives great importance to the development of specialised talents in order to pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of scientists and researchers who will lead this sector in the future, especially given that the sector relies on the human element. This would contribute to the acquisition of extensive knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which are a basis for the success of the UAE space program.

Sheikha called on students to benefit from the opportunities offered by the space programs in the UAE, such as the "Hope Probe" mission to Mars which, given its importance, will put the UAE in the ranks of advanced countries in the field of space exploration.

Ahmed Sharif, vice president of human resources and support operations in Thuraya Telecommunications Company, said: "We are proud to participate in the UAE-UK Pioneers Forum alongside a group of UAE companies that support Emiratization efforts. We hope that the forum attracted more Emirati talent, which will help raise the level of innovation offered by Thuraya in the field of satellite communications."

He added: "Thuraya has always been seen as a launching pad for many Emirati talent in the space and satellite field, given that it is the first UAE investment in this field. Now, more than ever, the UAE is considered a fertile ground for young Emiratis to enter a new era of space science led by the UAE Space Agency."

Sharif stressed that Thuraya's participation is a step to support Emirati students and motivate them to achieve excellence and success, as well as to help them plan their careers and professional future through academic training so they can achieve their business and personal goals.

The UAE Space Agency intends to grant Emirati citizens scholarships to study space engineering, aviation, space physics, and other scientific disciplines.