UAE Space Agency And The Ministry Of Education To Establish Joint Curriculum

01 June 2015

Dr. Eng. Mohammad Al Ahbabi, the Director General of UAE Space Agency spoke to the opening session of the “First Innovation and Knowledge Forum, stressing UAE Space Agency’s ambitious plans to support innovation in the UAE.

The forum, witnessed the launch of “Sheik Khalid Bin Tannaf Alminhaly award for scientific excellence”, was held on Sunday in Millennium Corniche Hotel and was attended by his Excellency Eng. Hussein Al Hammadi, the Minister of Education.

Al Ahbabi added that UAE Space Agency’s participation in this forum reflects its commitment to support innovation, and emphasised the importance of the space sector in contributing to the national innovation strategy.

Dr. Ahbabi noted in his speech, was attended by more than 400 people from government entities, schools and universities, the strategic values that the UAE Space Agency adopted for the space sector, where innovation is one of six pillars on which its strategy is based. He also indicated innovation requires investment in rising talent in the coming 3-5 years.

Al Ahbabi added that space technology is a one of the pillars of the country’s economy and security, as the space sector will underpin an industrial base that will support research and development between companies and enhance technical skills of the workforce.

The Dr. pointed out the country’s leadership’s began planning for this ambitious national project in 1976, when the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan met a delegation from NASA. Since then, the country has invested in space services and programs in order to achieve this vision.

Al Ahbabi concluded by pointing out that the country’s investment in space has amounted to 20 billion AED. This investment is distributed over 3 main companies: Thuraya, YahSat and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre which is responsible for the implementation of the Mars exploration project (Al Amal Probe)


Innovation as Big as the World

Sheikha Al Muskari, Chief Corporate Officer in UAE Space Agency delivered a paper titled “Innovation as Big as the World” that explained the passion and the interest of the UAE leadership in the space sector and  how today’s leaders are moving forward with interpreting these ambitions into reality.

She indicated that the crucial aspect of the UAE space strategy is the Emirati national who will be the driving engine of innovation and development in the coming years and for reaching Mars by 2021, the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the United Arab Emirates.

Al Maskari gave her insight on how this innovation could be realized and supported in the Emirati community. She showcased a number of initiatives and national work plans to achieve innovation includeding: a joint taskforce that combines members from UAE Space Agency, Ministry of Education and educational bodies to revise the curriculum and conduct a visibility study of the STEM curricula.

Al Maskari said that this step will help in developing and preparing the curricula and establishing the foundation for innovation which will in turn attract local talents from the young generation to get involved in the sector.

She also gave an overview about the details of this innovation plan in the UAE Space Agency which is committed to support organizations and individuals in coming up with innovative ideas, services and products.

She noted that, innovation is reflected through enhanced quality of life, economic diversification, and a knowledge based economy.  She said that innovation is about encouraging entrepreneurship and encouraging the successor generations through competition at schools and universities and incorporating innovation into the  school curriculum.

She added that UAE Space Agency will be a cutting edge workplace that will foster the development of new products and services,  that will invest in human capital, and fund  infrastructure and technology development.