We will lead the way to life on Mars

09 March 2017
We will lead the way to life on Mars

The sky has never been the limit. By announcing that we will build a mini city on Mars by 2117, we are reaffirming the idea that any dreams can and will be achieved. There is no such thing as impossible and no endeavour too big. Through spirit, imagination and origination - the universe is truly ours to explore. Ultimately, we are doing something today that our future generations will benefit and strive from. We are pushing the boundaries beyond the realms of what we thought could be done – for this is the only way we can grow.

We will lead the way to a life on Mars. And building the city is not the full purpose. The path itself will be ground-breaking as the scientific investigation and technological creation that it will bring will be revolutionary. This is not as much about Mars itself as it is about exploration, knowledge and the betterment of mankind.

This life-changing 100 year mission will bring with it new concepts and ideas around transportation, energy and nutrition. It will push our visionaries, scientists and researchers to think of new and better ways to save time, be more efficient, conserve energy and power and keep humans alive and healthy.

Studying the Martian atmosphere and learning why and how the dry surface formed will be crucial. This insight will prepare us on how to protect our planet from the same type of change and help to safeguard Earth. This is a key element of the Mars Hope Probe 2021 project and will serve as the opening chapter of a 100 year space expedition. 

This mission will unite us. We will leverage our deep-rooted Arabic and Islamic heritage and pioneering knowledge on astronomy to guide our new generation of stars to pave the way. They will then collaborate with the world’s finest space experts and put together their sharpest ideas on how to make this mission a success.

This mission will inspire us. We are embedding a culture and movement within our communities, research universities and schools that will say to all our people - together we can dream and accomplish.

Within the space of only a few years, we have managed to build a solid foundation and infrastructure for our space sector to excel. We have formed international partnerships with the global space leaders and welcomed them to our home in Abu Dhabi. Through focusing on how we can learn more about leaving Earth we are learning more about our planet and working closely with the people on it.

We are setting bars higher than they have ever been set and we are saying to our youth to go ahead and reach them. Our leadership have kept their eyes on what lies ahead and have planned for the future. Through this mission we will be creating thousands of opportunities for the bright sparks of our nation - and we will be positioning our country as a leading force in the advancement of humanity.