Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap & Portal

In line with national aspirations, the UAE Space Agency is developing a Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Roadmap that accounts for a variety of scientific and technological fields related to space. The Roadmap aims to develop the UAE’s capabilities in space that make it a partner of choice for international space sector collaboration, including joint space programs. A number of key science and technology areas have been identified for targeted Space Agency support and funding throughout the next five years.

An STI portal is being developed to increase levels of engagement with the general public, academic institutions, industry bodies in contributing innovative ideas to the Space Agency and taking part in technological challenges facing society, government and industry sectors.

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Portal is developed to:

  • Encourage public collaboration and contribution to national strategies
  • Enable a wide range of audiences to deliver innovative ideas to the UAE Space Agency
  • Drive innovation capabilities within society
  • Provide a framework for converting ideas into projects
  • Engaging with society to actively assess ideas
  • Further build national competitive advantages and apply social capital to innovation
  • Working with employees to realize their ideas
  • Quickly implement and capitalize on innovative ideas
  • Broaden possible sources of innovation by including international partners and promoting the STI portal abroad
  • Improve decision making and policy formation in order to better develop national strategies