Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt

About The Mission
  • Unveiling the Secrets of the Asteroid Belt: The Emirates Mission (EMA)
    • The EMA is a groundbreaking mission venturing into the main asteroid belt to explore and study multiple asteroids. It's not just about scientific discovery, but also a catalyst for the UAE's space industry.
    • EMA delves into the origins and composition of our solar system, searching for the fundamental building blocks of life within the asteroid belt. Additionally, the mission paves the way for potential future resource extraction from these celestial bodies.
  • Fueling Innovation and Growth
    • EMA is committed to fostering a thriving space sector in the UAE. By allocating 50% of the project to local companies, it aims to create substantial economic opportunities, spur Emirati startups, and attract international partnerships and investments. This ambitious endeavor is supported by the nearly $1 billion UAE Space Fund.
  • A 13-Year Journey of Discovery
    • The mission spans 13 years, with a six-year spacecraft development phase followed by a seven-year voyage to the main asteroid belt beyond Mars. The "MBR Explorer" spacecraft will conduct a series of close flybys of seven asteroids, gathering invaluable data during these encounters.
  • Launching into the Unknown
    • Scheduled for a March 2028 launch within a narrow three-week window, the MBR Explorer embarks on a 5-billion-kilometer journey. Gravity assist maneuvers from Venus, Earth, and Mars will optimize its trajectory for the flyby campaign. The first asteroid encounter is expected in February 2030, marking the beginning of an extensive exploration within the asteroid belt.

Strategic Objectives

  • Leverage UAE private sector
  • Train and prepare UAE capabilities
  • Establish international partnerships
  • Develop academic engineering and scientific programs
  • Transfer knowledge and know-how

Mission Implementation Goals

  • Design a unique mission and should aim for advances in fundamental science and demonstrations of technology
  • Educate through outreach programs
  • Sustain the UAE's outer space exploration program
  • Contribute through UAE engineers and scientists
  • Develop the science and technology commercial sector
  • Create sustainable science and technology initiatives

Science Objectives

  • Understand the origins and evolution of water-rich asteroid
  • Assess the resource potential of asteroids
  • Prepare the way for future asteroid resource use

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The Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt's Scientific Objectives