Space Research Conference

TheSpace Research Conference 2024 isa pioneeringgatheringaimed at raisingawarenessand directing research efforts in accordance with the priorities of the space sector in the UAE,exchangingknowledgeand collaboration among researchers, scientists, and specialists in this field, as wellasenhancing partnerships to achieve common research goals and objectives.

The conference will provide a platform for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students, researchers, scientific experts, technicians, and industry leaders to showcase the latest research and technological innovations, discuss new developments, and explore future prospects in various fields of spacescienceand technology.

The Call for Abstracts is a precursor to a subsequent submission of a manuscript and a presentation, which will be presented by the authors at the Space Research Conferencefrom 01-03October 2024. This isyour unique opportunityto engage,exchangeideas,and participatein scientificand professional development.