Science & Technology

The National Space Sector is a main pillar of the United Arab Emirates’ ambitious long-term strategic plans to nurture a knowledge-based economy and sustainable scientific society, with growth being driven by discoveries and innovations in this advanced field.

Local applications of space technologies will allow scientists and engineers to impart their knowledge and expertise to Emirati students, as well as building solid foundation for a comprehensive education system. Guided by the vision of its leadership, the United Arab Emirates is dedicated to developing human capital in scientific and technological fields, which will bolster the space sector’s solid foundations. The UAE continues to develop its space capabilities and provide valuable contributions in the field of space technology that benefit mankind.

The national space program focusses on encouraging and attracting young Emiratis to engage with space sciences and technologies, with a view to facilitating a generation of pioneering leaders in the sector. The UAE Space Agency provides scholarships for Bachelors and Master’s degrees in space sciences and related disciplines, which are delivered through an ICT development fund established in collaboration with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The Agency also offers financial support to local university students interested in pursuing studies in space-related fields.