Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable Development Goals​

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". The SDGs, set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030, are part of a UN Resolution called the "2030 Agenda".

UAE Sustainability Agenda

The UAE focuses on achieving sustainable development goals that would enable access to clean energy, adequate and affordable food, quality education, health care, sustainable economic growth, healthy ecosystems, and increased resource efficiency, as all these issues resonate strongly in the country. The UAE also pledged to "leave no one behind" and to shift the world to a sustainable and resilient path.

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UAE Space Agency’s Sustainability Efforts

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Gender equality is not merely a fundamental human right; it is also a pivotal element for promoting peace, prosperity, and sustainability on a global scale. To achieve this goal, the UAE Space Agency cooperates with entities that support gender equality and empowerment to increase women’s participation in the space sector in both the public and private sectors.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

The eighth goal focuses on promoting comprehensive and sustainable economic growth and providing job opportunities and decent work for all. In line with the UAE Space Agency’s vision in achieving this goal, the agency has worked to launch many projects and initiatives, including the National Space Academy, the Space Economic Zones Program, and many programs, workshops, and space missions. These contributed to providing multiple opportunities for individuals and companies and supporting the national economy.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Goal 9 aims to establish resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable manufacturing, and encourage innovation. To achieve this goal, the UAE Space Agency has worked to strengthen the infrastructure in the space sector, in addition to continuously improving its capabilities to keep pace with the latest changes and requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in this vital sector. This contributed to placing it on the global space map and at the forefront of countries in the region.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 13 calls for achieving a balance between human needs and the protection of the environment and natural resources with the aim of taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts on the environment and societies. Since its establishment, the UAE Space Agency has played a major role in supporting Sustainable Development Goals, by employing space technology and innovations to monitor the environment and climate using satellites. The UAE Space Agency also launched pioneering projects, such as the Space Data Centre, the Geo-Spatial Analytics Platform, and the Space Analytics and Solutions (SAS) Program, and signed strategic partnerships with several local, regional, and international institutions and organizations.

Goal 17: Partnerships

Goal 17 focuses on revitalizing global partnership for sustainable development. The UAE Space Agency has spearheaded building and strengthening local, regional, and global partnerships for the UAE in the space sector, to nurture innovation and technological development. Through these partnerships, the UAE Space Agency ensures the advancement and improvement of the national space sector.