About the Agency

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UAE Space Agency​

The UAE Space Agency is a federal agency that was created in 2014. The Agency shall be concidered as an independent federal public entity having a legal personality and enjoy financial and administrative autonomy, as well as the legal capacity required to undertake all legal actions necessary to carry out its power that ensure achievement of it purpose and objectives. it shall report to the Council of Ministers.

The law defined that the main headquarters of the Agency are to be in Abu Dhabi and have a branch in Dubai. The Board of Directors may establish branches or other offices within and outside the state.


Confronting our national challenges and enhancing the country’s competitiveness through space missions, and a supportive legislative environment.


A regionally pioneering national space sector that supports the UAE’s competitiveness and stimulates strategic and vital sectors.

Strategic Objectives​
  • Attracting quality competencies and raising the productivity of research and development in space programs.
  • Enabling the space services sector and its applications and encouraging their uses to raise the efficiency of government work and the competitiveness of the private sector.
  • A regulatory environment that attracts business and increases investment opportunities.
  • Develop space capabilities and transfer knowledge from them to other sectors.
  • Raising the efficiency of the space technology infrastructure to enable the private sector to innovate and compete.
  • Governance of the space legislative environment in a way that contributes to supporting a sustainable national economy.
  • Building a system of international partnerships that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and building the country's capabilities in the fields of science and technology.

In accordance to the Federal Decree-Law No. (47) of 2023 concerning the restructure of the UAE Space Agency. The Agency shall be responsible for exercising all powers, actions, works and activities necessary to enable it to achieve its purposes and objectives. It may in particular carry out the following:

  • Proposing the policies, strategies and legislation related to the Space Sector, in coordination with the relevant entities, and supervising their implementation after their approval.
  • Issuing approcals and permits for Space Activities and Other Space-Sector Related Activities in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Studying, approving and governing the process of financing the National Space Fund for Space Activities and Other Space-Related Activities.
  • Working to establish investment projects in the Space Sector and managing them on economic basis.
  • Contributing to, participating in, or implementing national or international projects in the Space field.
  • Supporting national and international initiatives that seek to make the outer space enviroment more sustainable and stable.
  • Supporting the development of facilities and infrastructure necessary for the Space Sector technologies.
  • Holding and contributing confrences, seminars and workshops related to the Space Sector.
  • Providing technical and advisory support to entities related to the Space Sector in the State, giving advice and guidance to national space programms and working to solve the challenges they face.
  • Developing human resources, recruiting national talents, support academic activities in the Space Sector, and contributing to providing opportunities for relevant scientific mission through coordination with the concerned entities inside and outside the State.
  • Issuing bulletins and preparing the necessary media programmes to raise awaerness about the importance of the Space Sector.
  • Requesting any relevant information or data from any person or operator, in order to enable it to carry our its tasks.
  • Conducting specialised studies and researches in the fields related to the Agency's powers, including the monitoring and analysis of phenomena and risks as well as regional and international trends.
  • Representing the State in the conclusion of memorandums of understanding, bilateral or multilateral agreements, and international and regional orgnisations, exhibitions, conferences, and other international forums in the fields related to Space affairs and the fields falling under the Agency's competences, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the concerned entities.
  • Proposing the access to or signature of international treaties and agreements related to Space affairs and Agency's activities and competences, and proposing partnership agreements with other states and Gulf, regional and international, organisations and entities in relation to the activities and competences of the Agency or acceding thereto, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the concerned entities.
  • Establishing and organising a comprehensive base of information and data related to the Agency's competences at the State level, in coordination with the relevant entities, and achieving intergration with them in the exchange of information data.
  • Any other competences assigned to the Agency in accordance with the laws, regulations or Cabinet decision.