Educational Programme

The UAE’s space sector education programme focuses on benefiting from local space technologies, helping local scientists and engineers to focus on knowledge transfer, developing an integrated scientific and educational structure, realizing the wise leadership’s vision in developing the human capital needed in industrial, scientific and research facilities in the country, as it will form the foundation for sustainable development.

The Agency’s efforts are focussed on developing the capabilities that will contribute to founding the approach and the features for practical experience in space.  This will be in the form of a national authority that allows the utilisation of this technology in development programmes, as the Mars Probe mission is considered a platform to develop the country’s space sector.

The Agency will aim to attract the brightest students to develop their skills in STEM, which will contribute to the UAE’s first steps towards space through satellite technology and working with organisations like NASA and the European Space Agency to train the next generation of scientists, as well as utilising this investment in  developing the country in the coming years. 

Students will be invited through scholarships and awards to share their ideas, designs, expertise, goals and missions.  UAE students will have the ability to study astronomical sciences in developed countries like the United States, Japan, South Koreaand countries in Europe through educational organisations and others.