Chairman's Message

The global space industry has travelled a great distance since October 1957 when the world saw the launch of the very first satellite, Sputnik.  The vision of United Arab Emirates is equally as bold as the first space pioneers, and we are taking key steps to make the vision of our great father His Highness Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the nation an exciting reality. Our establishment of the first space agency in the GCC region will ensure that the UAE is at the forefront of both establishing and advancing the space sector in the Middle East and beyond.

The UAE Space Agency aims to be an embodiment of the ambitious UAE Vision 2021 strategy. We will be an international role model, uniting our nation behind our inspiring goal of being a leader on the space frontier. We will be a leader in transforming and diversifying our economy into this exciting new sphere. 

We will draw our future ideas from the heritage of our past. Our Islamic forefathers lead the way in the development of key theories and patterns that are still very much a part of modern astronomy today.   We aspire to be a shining example here on the ground too, with a workforce of highly trained and highly skilled Emiratis, who are leaders in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

National investment in space technology is continuing to grow. The UAE is developing a long-term strategic plan for a solid and sustainable foundation for advanced space innovation and exploration. This plan will lead to the progress of technology that will have wider flow-on effect to the nation’s development.

Developing solid space foundations and applications has proven its positive impact on enhancing the quality of life and on global economic growth, with benefits that extend far beyond the borders of the space faring nations. The UAE looks forward to the contribution that our scientists and engineers will make in these areas.

We look forward to enhancing the nation’s capabilities and encouraging the peaceful application of space research  We look forward to working with our stakeholders and partners and seeing our industry continue to grow and flourish over the coming years.

Each one of us has great responsibility to achieve our out of this world ambition and goals and we look forward to developing our future for the country and embarking on this journey.


His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi

Cabinet Member and Minister of State for Higher Education

and Chairman of the UAE Space Agency