Our initiatives

While the UAE Space Agency is giving its greatest attention to develop the UAE’s space sector and the human capital that will lead it in the future, the Agency is also focussed on developing a number of initiatives and supporting programmes that contribute to its strategic goals which benefit the space sector and develop its human resources. 

The Agency is working with several strategic partners inside and outside the UAE to develop these initiatives, which will pave the way to strengthening that UAE’s position in the space technology field and support the development of the sector in the country.

The Agency’s team will work on implementing these initiatives and programmes against of a set regularly reviewed KPI’s to guarantee its implementations according to the highest world-class standards 

Some of these initiatives include supporting and fostering the “Hope Probe” to planet Mars, developing an evaluation study for the national space sector, developing the strategic plan to develop the UAE spaceindustry , developing local and international partnerships, and raise awareness locally on the importance of space.

Since its inception, the Agency has worked on putting together a team with the Ministry of Education to review the current curriculums in STEM education.